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Who are we?

Finding relevant information, gathering the necessary time and energy, juggling incomprehensible vocabulary and complex notions… accessing justice is a path lined with obstacles when you don’t have a guide!

Unfortunately, not everyone can count on a lawyer to show them the way… it’s a luxury that not everyone can afford and is not suitable for small cases! It is estimated that only 35% of people facing a legal problem have access to legal advice and only 10% end up calling a lawyer*.

If you compare it to the furniture market, it’s as if there were only cabinetmakers’ furniture, without a mass market offer like Ikea.

Without an affordable option, people too often give up trying to assert their rights, not without feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction and injustice.

Is it a fatality? At least, not for us!


Convinced that new technologies offer new opportunities, we created LegalPass. Attorneys and technology enthusiasts, we have combined our talents to create a Swiss platform to deal with your legal problems…

Our credo? Routine legal tasks should be handled by technology and complex advisory tasks should be reserved for experts.

With our assistant, we help you determine when you can do it yourself with our tools or when to call in a pro.

Is your case simple and without high stakes? Solve your legal problems quickly and inexpensively with our automatically generated documents and advice from our lawyers.

Is your case more complex? LegalPass assistant puts you in touch with one of our partner lawyers! You benefit from a specialist in the field, working on a flat fee basis and at a reduced rate.

With LegalPass, you can be sure that your legal worries will be solved without worry and at a lower cost thanks to technological innovation combined with the experience of seasoned professionals.

Our mission? Make the law accessible to all! Yes, just that! But we believe in it!

*WorldJustice Project, Global Insights on Access to Justice, 2019

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