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Record and Influence on licence withdrawals

Depending on the offence committed, the driver’s record over the past two, five and ten years is taken into account and may aggravate the licence withdrawal that will be pronounced.

Considering background and assessing its impact on the length of license withdrawal can be relatively technical and complex. It is recommended that a lawyer be consulted to determine the minimum length of licence withdrawal that may be incurred.

Consultation of your SIAC extract

Administrative actions (including warnings and licence withdrawals) are not registered on your criminal record. Note, however, that traffic violations that constitute a serious offence are recorded in your criminal record. You can find more information about the seriousness of the offences on our pages dedicated to speeding, drinking and driving and drugs.

The Traffic Admission Information System (SIAC, formerly ADMAS) records the various license withdrawals and other measures pronounced by the administrative authorities. Warnings are recorded in the SIAC for five years and licence withdrawals for ten years.

You can apply for a SIAC certificate at your local motor vehicle department:

Consulting a lawyer

Our virtual assistant is able, in the event of an antecedent, to indicate to you free of charge the list of the incurred licence withdrawals.

However, the precise assessment of the licence withdrawal incurred in the case of a previous offence is complex. Indeed, it is essential that both the calculation of time limits and the qualification of the seriousness of the offences be carried out as precisely as possible. For this reason, consulting a lawyer is often justified.

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